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Helpstar brings dry cleaning and laundry

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Rest assured that your clothes and linens will be handled with the utmost care and respect, and washed using top quality equipment and detergents

Leave the hustle
to us

With our on demand service, Helpstar valet will pick-up your dry-cleaning and laundry, and will deliver clean items back to your door

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You can review your total cost using our convenient online calculator, schedule pickup and delivery times, all from a single interface.

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Make a new booking or reschedule, cancel and update your existing bookings, on the go. You can add bookings to your phone calendar, share them via email or SMS, and see the progress of your jobs in real time.

Helpstar mobile app for iOS and Android is launching soon. Please leave us your email address or mobile phone number and we will inform you via email or SMS, as soon as the Helpstar app is available for download.

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Customer Testimonials

I do not use dry cleaners very often. The whole process of driving in traffic to drop off and pick up my clothes seems tedious. Neither do I like not knowing how much it will cost until I arrive to drop-off location. Helpstar makes everything easy for me, I select the garments I want cleaned, immediately see the price, and choose the time for laundry valet to come to my office. Great service at a great price! Pavel Shubov, Domini Agency
Since the birth of my child, I hardly have any time left to do anything around the house. Helpstar not only helps me to keep my home clean, but also takes care of all our clothes and home textiles. I simply hand over my laundry bag to the Helpstar delivery guy, who comes over to our home. Very convenient - I highly recommend! Oksana Danilovskaya, Sberbank
Children don’t only bring joy, but also a great load of dirty clothes. Cleaning clothes at home takes too much time and numerous repeat washes ruin them. This is why I use Helpstar’s dry-cleaning services: they take care of clothes in a way that keeps them newer for longer, and I save a ton of time - their courier picks up dirty clothes and delivers them clean, whenever it suits me. Elmira Kondratieva, Forward Legal Attorneys-at-Law

Maid service in Moscow – from 1,560₽

Dry cleaning – from 600₽

Your time is precious!